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Practice - Special Services

Companies Registration
Registering national and foreign companies and international trading agencies, and follow up on its legal, financial and administrative registration procedures in all governmental departments at all ministries and official authorities offices.
Patents and Trademark Registration
Registration of trademarks, patents, and follow up on all related issues and all intellectual property rights, industrial and commercial.
Legal Counseling
Providing legal advice relating to contracts and agreements, international and local audit and the formulation and preparation of such agreements of various kinds, including coalition agreements and multinational companies, loans and concession contracts and licenses, with the willingness to offer this counseling via e-mail.
Legal Departments Structuring
Structuring, development, rehabilitation and restructuring of legal service departments of ministries, official and semi-official institutions, companies, factories and banks, in accordance with the corporate and managerial policies.
Counseling and Banking Cases
Follow-up on bank issues with various types of counseling and drafting, reviewing and auditing of contracts, local and international, including credit, guarantees, loans and commercial mortgages, securities trading, cross-trade and all matters related to daily work.
Follow-up on insurance cases within and outside the Kingdom.
Follow-up administrative and criminal cases
Follow-up on various types of criminal and administrative cases before all courts and authorities concerned, for national and foreign companies inside and outside the Kingdom.
Local and international arbitration
Follow-up on issues of local and international arbitration in collaboration with a number of companies and law firms in major cities of the world, and the exchange of services related to this law.
Legal Collections
Execute the work of Legal collections for all ministries, departments and institutions, official and semi-official, companies, and individuals in accordance with civil foundations and standards, using advanced information systems and done by long experienced and highly technical staff.
Provide services, legal counseling, follow-up, management, and development of expatriates projects within and outside the Kingdom.
Offer studies and auditing of the texts of laws
Studying and checking legal texts and materials, any of the laws and provisions in force within the Kingdom and re-formulate it with amended versions of these materials, texts and laws, in line with of the scientific and technological legal development, social and economic modernization, while taking into account international laws that affect these legal material.
Founding companies and preparing articles of incorporation of public shareholding companies and other companies of various kinds, goals and objectives and follow all the procedures relating thereto.
Internal systems
The preparation and development of internal systems for staff / employees of companies and institutions, and follow-up procedures for ratification and adoption by the competent official authorities.
Real Estates cases and counseling
Follow up on issues of land settlement, land purchases, all claims relating to land and real estate, and counseling on property matters, evacuation, planning and drafting of leases of real estate for all types, residential, commercial, facilities, and factories.
Challenge administrative decisions before the High Court of Justice and litigation before it against all the what is necessary.
Follow-up on income tax, sales tax, and customs departments
Advocacy issues of income tax and sales tax, customs and follow all procedures in coordination with the major accounting firms specialized for such purposes.