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Arbitration - What is arbitration?

The existence of arbitration is as old as human existence. When referring to the historical writers, we find that the Sumerian law had known a system of arbitration that is similar to the judicial system, where one had to submit the dispute to an arbitrator. Also, in the Greek civilization, arbitration was used and it was know in the legislation as Solo; the same thing applies in the Roman Law.

When it comes to the advantages of arbitrations Aristotle said: Parties to the conflict would prefer arbitration for judiciary, as the arbitrator finds justice while judge considers only legislation.

And Arabs have been known for arbitration by the so-called "Almunafara" where the parties go to an arbitrator to resolve the dispute, including honor issues.

Also, Islam has authorized the arbitration proceedings on the rights of people and perhaps the most prominent images of Muslims arbitration is when arbitrating on disputes between married couples.