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Arbitration - Advantages of Arbitration at Alreiadiah

  • Speed to settle disputes, flexibility and cost benefits.
  • Non-compliance with a particular law or procedures where it is possible to agree on a law that will act as the arbitration law that will resolve the problems. This is especially helpful in the event that there are parties from different countries, or in the event of existence of foreign organizations as parties to the conflict, thus the choice of law will be applied as a state law that will not impose specific separation of this conflict. This is a great feature that characterizes the flexibility of arbitration.
  • The verdict of experts in specific areas, where the arbitration procedure does not require the arbitrator to be the holder of a certificate of law as it is the case in judiciary. This is very helpful when the case requires experts opinion in specific areas to clear thing, and this feature also characterizes the flexibility of arbitration.
  • The presence of greater opportunities to resolve disputes through conciliation. This is where members of the arbitral tribunal that is selected by the parties of conflict, try to bridge the gap in views between the parties and to arrive at a compromise solution.
  • Dealing with disputes in way that ensures confidentiality, which saves both parties from the results of declaration of controversy; especially in commercial transactions where openness is not required in the meetings.
  • Relieving the judiciary system, by eliminating the necessity to go back to it in all disputes that may arise.
  • Allow the parties to choose people who will decide upon the dispute, which would lead to satisfying sentences.