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Curriculum Vitae of the founder
and the General Manager of Alreiadiah

Counselor Mohammad A. Alibrahim
Attorney at Law

  • He holds a Bachelor's degree in law from Yarmouk University in 1995.
  • He holds a Higher Diploma in Law from Amman Arab University in 2004.
  • He holds a Master's degree in private law from Amman Arab University in 2005.
  • He prepared for doctoral thesis in private law - commercial law.
  • Arbitrator approved by the International Arbitration Centre - Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Award-winner by His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein for self-employment and entrepreneurship in 2007.
  • Recipient of numerous legal courses in the areas of the law of electronic transactions, security and data protection, human rights and arbitration.
  • Legal Adviser to the Bank of Jordan, 2000 - 2006.
  • Legal Adviser to the Development and Employment Fund - Amman, 2003 - 2008.
  • Legal adviser for many of the major companies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • Legal Adviser for many businessmen and investors inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • He founded many companies of various kinds, as well as individual institutions.
  • Licensed lawyer for pleading in front of all Civil and Criminal Courts, Military, and before the Supreme Court of Justice.

Curriculum Vitae

Mohammed Abdullah M. AL Ibrahim
International Lawyer & Arbitrator

Personal Data

Date of Birth

Oct 14,1972 Jordan



Marital Status



P.O.Box 927922 Amman 11190 Jordan
Tel +962-6-56812337 fax +962-6-5682002
Mob.: 0795155337, and 0776305212.

Website & email ,



Jordanian General Secondary Education Certificate, (literary stream) Katem Secondary B/S


Bachelor Degree of Law, University of AL Yarmouk


High Diploma of Private Law – Commercial Law


Master degree of Private Law –Commercial Law


preparing for PhD degree of Private Law – Commercial law / International Commercial Arbitration .

Memberships & awards

* Advocacy license, Jordanian Bar Association 1998.

* His Majesty King Abdullah II  Bin AL Hussein Award  for Free Works  and Entrepreneurship 2007.

*The founder and general manager of AL Reiadiah Advocacy & Arbitration Company

* Accredited international arbitrator at:

  • International Arbitration Center  – Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Hamorabi Advocacy & Arbitration Establishment – Jordan
  • Licensed lawyer for pleading before all Civil ,  Criminal Courts, Military, and before the Supreme Court of Justice.


  • Receiving a number of legal courses on the following topics
  • Arbitration courses.
  • Electronic transactions law and Data  security and protection.
  • Human Rights
  • comprehensive English language.

Employment record

- Alreiadiah Law Firm, Arbitration and Legal Collections,  Attorneys and Counselors at Law, since 2006 until now, Founder and General Manager.
- Legal advisor for Bank of Jordan since 2000 to 2006.
- Legal advisor for the Development & Employment Fund since 2003 Amman until 2008.
- legal advisor for a number of leading major companies in Jordan , including without limitation to the following:
- Higher Council of science and Technology , represented by his highness Prince Hasan Bin Talal.
- AL Adel Real Estate Investment Co. , represented by HE  , Yousef Qurneh (member of parliament) and Nr, Yousef Abu AL Jelod.
- Jordan Company for Antibodies production , GM Penlopa Shehab.
- Soft house Furniture Company , Mr. Sharaf AL Hayagneh (MP) .
- Azadi Trading Company , Mr. Salheddin Sido Kurdi .
- Development & Employment Fund (governmental ) , Ali AL Ghazzawi .
- Arbah Investment Co. , Mr. Amro Shahwan and Mr. Mohammed Abdullah .
- Arbah Software Co. , represented by Mr. Amro Shahwan and Mr. Mohammed Abdullah.
- Arbah Real Estate Co. ,  Mr. Amro Shahwan and Mr. Mohammed Abdullah .
- Arbah Financial consultations Co. , Mr. Amro Shahwan and Mr. Mohammed Abdullah.
- Arbah Specialized Training  Co. , Mr. Amro Shahwan and Mr. Mohammed Abdullah .
- Investment interests & Consultations Co. - Mr. Amro Shahwan and Mr. Mohammed Abdullah .
- Luluah financial Consultancy Co. , Mr. Amro Shahwan and Mr. Mohammed Abdullah .
- Middle East Jewelry Co. LLC , Mr. Jamal AL Qasas .
- Bata Co. ( Jordanian ) Mr. Hamdan Darwish .
- AL Osoud AL Arabiah Trading Co. , Mr. Abdelkarim Darwish .
- Ideal Group Trading Co. , Mr. Haydar AL Dajani , and Hala Shalan .
- AL Faouri Trading Co. / Feher Trading Est. , represented by Mr. Abdelfattah Faouri .
- AL Reiadiah Insurance Services , Mr. Mohammed Tayel AL Ibrahim .
- Yousef AL Mahasneh & associates , Mr. Yousef AL Mahasneh .
- Malik Mehairat Company , represented by Mr. Ibrahim Mehairat .
- Mazaya International Co. , Mr. Faraj Ezwayed .
- Farouq Haddad Trading Company , Mr. Farouq Haddad .
- Paradise Trading Co. , Mr. Ibrahim AL Dares .
- Milco  Foodstuffs Group  , UAE .
- the Shiekh Dr. Abdelaziz AL Saqeer , KSA .


  • Computer skills in Windows, Excel, Internet
  • Working cooperatively in a team work under work pressure.